Thyme: An an herb with multiple beneficial uses!

March is traditionally noted as Women’s Health Month.  Generally NHN often encourages you to uses thermography and ultrasound for best breast cancer screening because of the risk of developing cancer from mammogram. This herb and of course many others can be helpful to you if you are concerned with breast Continue Reading

More on the negative impact of Electronic Health Records

I appreciate Dr. Tenpenny’s words on the behalf of health.  I have held this out for years as well and have been encouraging people to get a clear understanding of this issue.   by Dr Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM In 2011, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began Continue Reading

Wake Up Your Pancreas With String Beans

The Native American Remedy for Low Blood Sugar and Diabetes By Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, MH, NP, ND A project I have been working on for quite a few years, I guess going back as far as the early 1990s, is helping educate our people about preventing and assisting in Continue Reading

Regarding the Orthomolecular Approach

Travel back to the days when nutrients were the focus of a brave few medical professionals who believed that inflammation was a key factor in mental health, along with nutrient depletion.These were the Orthomolecular Pioneers of the 1950s. “ Is depression a kind of allergic reaction? A growing number of Continue Reading

KISS. And no, it’s not Gene Simmons

In the traditional sense as a student of natural healing you learned to keep things simple. Dr. John Christopher was always reminding students to hold fast to this philosophy. In my mind it is the reason why the traditional way really did help people recover from health challenges. I don’t Continue Reading

Busted: Cholesterol Claims

Cholesterol Claims Confound Cholesterol-battling plant stanol-based Benecol has been busted in the UK for exaggerating TV advert claims even though they were based on UK National Health Service, British Heart Foundation (BHF) and World Health Organization (WHO) data. A veteran healthy foods consultant called the ruling “stupid” and advised Raiso-owned Benecol’s UK Continue Reading

Truth in Publishing?

UPDATE 4-14-14:  A “friend” of Adams posts this expose on another fraud in supplements Adams is selling.Can You Trust Your Supplements: As it stands now, based on some recently uncovered information, the “health ranger” is now a “News Journalist”. Software creator to “editor” and also a so-called independent reviewer. Continue Reading